Royal Release

Ever After: A Fairy Tale Love Story


This is not a fairy tale! Or is it?
Cindy Marshall is Cinderella. Born into a rich family her life turns topsy turvy when her mother is diagnosed with cancer. Abandoned by her father, Cindy’s disillusionment is complete when her mother dies.
No longer believing in love, marriage and happily ever after, broke and jobless. Cindy gets a job in the elite nightclub, The Monks. And who turns out to be The Monk himself? Who but Prince Charming! Only his name is Julian St John and he is anything but living a fairy tale. Born into the Italian mafia as the heir to the Mafia King himself. Julian St John is never shy of the limelight.
A self-made billionaire, Julian is all but bucking the system himself. Only he is not averse to finding himself a bride. In fact, it was love at first sight for Julian on laying eyes on Cindy, just as she was about to get accosted by a group of drunks. Will her knight in shining armour save the day? What about Cinderella’s step siblings. Siblings that include two step brothers and business tycoons, Cash Metl and Henry Colins.