Royal Release

Every Good Girl Needs a Bad Boy

by Virgo

Loren Cohen, AKA Lo, is the epitome of a wholesome Southern belle. The apple of her father’s eye, she’s the perfect daughter that is often the voice of reason with her friends, steering them away from disaster too many times to count. Lo has the picture-perfect life that every girl dreams of and rises to the occasion in all areas—except her love life. Buried deep below her good girl persona is a young woman with a thirst for the kind of love that can only be given by a bad boy, the kind of love that goes against everything that a good girl stands for…

Like bees to honey, the bad boys can sniff Lo out a mile away and Angel proves just that when he slides his way into her life, but time is something he seems unwilling to give her. With alarm bells going off immediately, Lo knows that Angel is nothing but trouble and heartbreak waiting to happen…yet he stays on her mind.

Lo doesn’t have a chance to get too starry-eyed with Angel before trouble’s twin shows up by way of Jamario, a player with a mountain of skeletons in his past. When Lo’s hit with baby mama drama from a few different women, she’s certain that Rio is bad for her…but he does her body so good and when he touches a depth that she never knew existed, Lo just might leave her good girl persona behind—for good.

Just when Rio has Lo questioning everything about herself, Angel reappears and seems destined to prove that he’s a good guy after all. Putting his best foot forward, he treats her like royalty and is just what she needs to pull through the chaos that has recently become her life…but no matter how hard Angel loves her, Rio still has a piece of Lo’s heart—a piece that just might land her in a life or death situation when Rio’s dark side come to light.