Royal Release

Everything He Won't Do 2

by Renee

the accident, it seems it will be easy for Zari and Hasaan to pick up the pieces of
what was broken in their relationship. Hasaan takes her back to their apartment, and it seems all
is well with their family. He vows to protect her and make up for all the things he messed up.
During Zari and Hasaan’s brief time apart, he becomes involved with a woman named Tiffany,
and she’s crying that she’s pregnant with his baby. Will they be able to develop a stronger bond
that will withstand anything?

She’ron is torn. After the accident, she doesn’t want to be involved with Moses any more
than she needs just to keep up the façade she created three years before. But Moses wants her to
pay for the tales he knows she has told. A good friend tries to encourage her to walk away, but
the love of her life holds her back, as well as her secrets.
Sammy, Devon’s wife, is determined to keep her husband away from the woman she
believes is in the background. She feels she needs to protect the home she has built from that
woman and the lies she built the house with. What will she do when a true threat rolls in like a

Moses is hell-bent on making everyone he feels ever crossed him pay for that
indiscretion. He is able to escape being implicated as the cause of Zari’s accident. She walks
away with a few bumps and bruises, yet he intended for her to lose her life, and he’s not planning
to stop with his wrath until she does. No one is safe from his wrath—not even his own brother.