Royal Release

Everything He Won't Do

by Renee

Zari (Beautiful) has been living with her boyfriend for six years, and their son is almost five. She’d become tired of playing the wifey role without the ring a while ago. Hasaan doesn’t seem to be paying attention to her constant hints. After encouragement to do something drastic to get his attention, by her best friend KayKay, she moves out of the apartment she has been sharing with Hasaan to live with her mother.

Moses sees something in Zari while she is training him to work the register at U.S.A. Grocery. He already knows he can take her from whomever she is with from the way she looks at him. He’s living with his ex-girlfriend while sleeping with one of his children’s mothers as often as he can. When he finds a way to get Zari’s attention, he reels her in like a fisherman’s biggest catch of the day.

Soon, Zari feels like she is living in hell. She doesn’t realize she has given the devil access to her home, her car, and her life. She reaches out to Hasaan for help, but he brushes her off because his ego is bruised. By the time he realizes she really needs him, it may be too late. Moses meant every word of the vows he took—until death do us part.
Will Zari lose it all for the “D”?