Fallin’ For A Carolina Menace 2


Despite all of his obvious demons, Crescent has fallen hard for Hamisi. She’s even gone from vowing to never date another thug to overlooking his profession and choosing him over certain family members. Crescent craves Hamisi like a drug, and when it comes to her, the feelings are mutual on Hamisi’s end. But is love enough? He’s been angry and withdrawn for so long that participating in a healthy, functional relationship isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Throw in the fact that he’s getting deeper into the streets, and the drama is never ending. Bodies are piling up, but so is the money, and every time the Martin brothers promise to fall back from robbing, they’re tempted with a lick a little more tempting than the last. But will greed cost them their lives?

Aaliyah’s already battling PTSD from being shot, and being violated by someone she trusted doesn’t make it any better. Betrayal from Imad doesn’t help her depression, and Aaliyah begins to wonder if she’s cursed. All she wants is to be happy, but for as bad as she wants happiness, Aaliyah doesn’t ever want to be a fool for love. When it comes to forgiving Imad, she’s torn between what her heart wants and what her pride is encouraging her to do.

Armani is propositioned by a man at her job, and what he’s offering is the job of a lifetime as far as Jimmy is concerned. Armani is hesitant, but she knows that denying Jimmy won’t sit well with him. He’s so determined to come out on top that he doesn’t think of all of the potential consequences. When Jimmy and his brothers complete the job, it leaves Armani looking at him differently. On top of that, the job may cause more problems than it’s worth.