Royal Release

Fallin' For A Texas Thug

No one knows the benefit of hard work quite like Briana Kane. She went from being homeless to living in luxury and she doesn’t plan on ever going back to the hard life. When she met Dex, a dope boy turned club owner, she not only found love but she found someone who didn’t care about her past because he survived through his life struggles, too. They have an authentic love. Both are fighters and it’s that similarity that brought the two together.

Only thing is when you date a Texas Thug you sign up for extra baggage that you didn’t know was there. Dex decides that he’s going to get revenge for Briana but in doing so, finds himself in a sticky situation leaving him to ultimately betray his love for her.

Briana’s best friend Kymani has been going through a lot with her on and off boyfriend Mike. He’s controlling, and worst of all, in the streets. His recklessness could cost him his relationship, but Kymani already has one foot out the door. She’s just waiting for the ball to drop so she can leave him alone for good. 

It’s not easy loving a thug, and for these two women the roller coaster is just getting started.