Royal Release

Falling For A Black Billionaire 2

Trevor makes me sick to my stomach.
He thinks that women are supposed to grovel at his feet, but not me, Lawrynn Barksdale, Esq. Sure, we may have gotten drunk and had a one-night stand after my best friend’s reception, but that was a first and last time thing. However, I do have eyes for his cousin, and surely, he can take my mind off the arrogant billionaire.

Lawrynn wasn’t my type at all, which is why I needed alcohol to sleep with her the first time. After that slip-up, I had to find someone to settle down with quick, and my old fling, Jasmine Lovelace, would have to do. I know Lawrynn is trying to make me jealous by getting with my cousin, but that’s only going to last for so long.
Again, I am NOT jealous.