Royal Release

Falling For A New York Boss

Here comes a brown skinned, blonde hair bombshell from Washington, DC named Ariana who thinks she has it all. All of the money in the bank, designer clothes and brand new cars in the world couldn’t suffice for the one thing she is missing, love. Her female intuition led her to believe he was no good but with the years spent with her boyfriend Quan, is it worth moving on from just to be stuck in the same position with another man
or worse?

When a New York savage relocates to her city, Ariana finally gets a taste of what real love is all about but the only problem is she can’t seem to get the feelings for her ex out of her system. Experiencing the difference between lust and love, playing wifey to a man who wasn’t worthy, and exposing secrets that were bond to break her, Ariana soon comes to grasp that she needs to let Quan go but when he almost loses his life, is their bond strong enough to bring them back together or is Ariana done being a fool in love?