Royal Release

Falling For A Young King 2

A romantic getaway for Izzy’s birthday introduces her to a charming, intelligent, and thoughtful man. She decides to give King an opportunity to prove his intentions and not use his age as a way to deny him a fair shake at a relationship.
However, everyone is not on board with Izzy and King being together.
Chelsea sends Duchess the video because she feels scorned by King. She thinks she has a genuine chance at being his girlfriend once she shows him that not only is she good in bed but worthy of his last name. Chelsea is Duchess’s prime choice, and she intends to use that leverage to get Izzy out of the picture for good.
Duchess is on a warpath because her plans for King are going out the window. He’s no longer doing things to please her, and she feels her son slipping away by an older woman whose temptress ways are stealing her son right from up under her. However, unforeseen circumstances may do the job for her, and she’ll be able to sit back and watch the entire thing crumble.