Royal Release

Falling For A Young King 3

Izzy’s pregnant, and Sam is desperate to keep it a secret from everyone until the paternity of the baby is determined. With King out of town and Cash sniffing around Izzy like a dog in heat, there’s no way he can hide Izzy’s pregnancy for long, but Izzy doesn’t feel the same way about the situation as Pops, and she won’t be able to hide things from King for long, especially when she goes to visit him in New York.

King is determined to find a way to break free from his family. He is in love with Izzy, and the added pressure he’s feeling from his mother is causing a deeper wedge between them. His heart belongs to Izzy, and he intends on asking her to be his wife when the six months is over for his internship. There are so many lies, secrets, and scandals that plague the McDaniels family. Will they be able to sustain their dynasty, or will one woman be the cause of all of it crashing down?