Royal Release

Falling For A Young King

Elizabeth ‘Izzy’ James is an up and coming stylist that took the music and movie industry by storm. Her fresh eye with a twist of old school flavor has everyone wanting more. One day, a favor for a friend leads Izzy down unchartered territory that causes her to wonder if age ain’t nothing but a number.

Kingdom ‘King’ McDaniel is a twenty-two-year-old that is looking forward to graduating college and getting far away from his mother as possible. Her controlling ways has caused him to miss the opportunity to study abroad at the university of his choice, and she thinks that she’s going to convince him to find a job in California, but he has another plan.

A chance meeting at Izzy’s studio causes King to take note of the beautiful older woman. Izzy thinks that it’s harmless puppy love, but King has another idea about where he wants his advances to lead. Will Izzy be able to keep her composure, or will she end up robbing the cradle and potentially messing up the relationship that she’s invested so much time and energy into over the past five years? No one and nothing is sacred when lust is at play. Will Izzy be able to keep her wits intact, or will King be able to change her mind and show her exactly what a young man can do to her?