Royal Release

The Feeling She Wants, The Loving He Needs

Seventeen-year-old Diamond had everything she could imagine with her lavish life, besides a father that genuinely cared about her. Growing up, it's always been just her and her dad, but their living arrangements would have you thinking they were roommates instead of father and daughter. When Diamond's suspicion, of the way her father treats her, unravels on her eighteenth birthday, her life completely changes, leaving her with many unanswered questions. And the one person that can help her is nowhere to be found. Then she runs into Welz…

Meet Welz, a well-respected man from the streets of Cincinnati, Ohio. After three days of being released from prison, he and his crew are ready to take over the streets and get back to making money. His main focus has always been to ball with the same fifteen loyal workers he grew up with, but when he comes home and meets a couple of new people, he finds out that his motto 'new people, new problems' has some truth to it. After meeting Diamond, love is in the air, but will he be able to deal with the betrayal and keep her by his side?