Royal Release

Felicity and Jason: A Southern Love Story

Jason Miller is a man of means. He owns his own record label and movie production studio. At the age of thirty-five, he has proven himself to be as much of a success as Tyler Perry. He has money, property and can have whatever woman he wants at his disposal…. except the one woman he gave his all to. After his wife walked out on him to be with one of his former artists, Jason swore he would never love another woman that deeply again. Soon after his divorce he became known in the industry as a player. He was going through life thinking he was just fine until one audition would change his mind and make him think that maybe his life wasn’t as great as he thought it was after all.

Felicity Brooks is what you would call a quadruple threat. She can act, sing, dance and model. A former child commercial actor, she left the acting world behind when she started high school to have a chance at a normal life. At least that is what she led everyone to believe. In reality she got pregnant at fourteen and had to bow out of the limelight to raise her daughter and go to school. The residual money she had was supposed to last her at least until she graduated from college, but that wasn’t the case. Her parents blew through her money forcing Felicity to join the Army after she graduated high school so she could provide for her daughter. She packed up her daughter and relocated to Atlanta to audition for a part in a new pilot about military spouses. She felt that with her background in acting and military, she would be perfect for the role. But at the audition she got more than she bargained for.

The connection between Felicity and Jason was almost instant and had them both questioning everything they said about love and relationships. They try to keep their relationship light and casual, but you know what they say… even the best laid plans can crumble once that thing called love is added to the mix.