Royal Release

Finesse: A No Limit Love Story


Classified as 'Daddy's favorite' by her siblings, Y'vonne Stokes is every man's ideal wife: breathtakingly beautiful, knowledgeable, and caring. Determined to please her father by all means, Y'vonne sets herself up for the perfect meal ticket, Samuel Vickerson. In a short amount of time, Y'vonne realizes that she's truly smitten with the man. Will she be able to stop the intense yearning for the tycoon's generous, heartfelt affection? Will the love from her father become affected by her growing affection for Samuel?
Samuel Vickerson is a wanted bachelor, by many; however, he isn’t pressed to settle down. Bed them for a night or a couple of weeks was his motto. Being that he’s a ladies man, Samuel wasn’t the one to even entertain the idea of settling down. That was until he started to spend one too many nights with the lovely, breathtaking Y’vonne Stokes. Will Samuel only be infatuated with her outer beauty, or will he change his ways and try to peel back the inner layers of the beautiful Ms. Yvonne?
Take a trip into the lives of people who love so hard and so much that they are willing to cause mayhem, just to get what they want. As lives are in the process of being destroyed, it seems that everyone is falling down the rabbit hole—either for the good or for the bad.