Royal Release

Fizz & Riah 3: Caught By A Boss

Fizz discovered that Riah was pregnant and had one question: was it his? Just when things seemed as though they were coming together, they started falling apart. Riah was holding resentment against Fizz because she thought he cheated. Could it be that someone was trying to tear them apart? With lies and betrayal between the two, can they keep it together and have a happily ever after?

Dozer and De’Kiya’s relationship has really taken a great turn. They had become the ideal couple, but someone is out to sabotage their relationship. When shit hits the fan, will they sustain the lies and keep the relationship strong?
Nikki and Nazir decided that they wanted to be together. Once Nikki’s brothers gave their blessings for them to be a couple, Nazir wouldn’t stop until she was his. It was only one problem, and that was what most would call a dead issue. Mason is dead, but Nazir feels as if he is very much alive in Nikki’s heart. Will Nikki let go and move on with Nazir and live happily ever after?

There is someone out to get revenge on the crew, and they won’t stop until they’re all dead. Will Dozer and Fizz find out who is behind the scene trying to come at them before it’s all too late? Find out on the continuous journey of Fizz & Riah 3: Caught by a Boss.