Royal Release

Fizz & Riah 4: Caught By A Boss

Nazir appearing out of nowhere leaves everyone speechless, well not everyone. Someone in the crew knew. Can Nikki forgive Nazir for putting her through the worst pain of her life and live happily ever after?
Deedee, also known as Kiya, can’t seem to catch a break. The man she loves is in jail, all because she talked to the very person Dozer told her not to. Will Dozer forgive her after all the shit they’ve been through, or will he decide they’re better off not being together.
Fizz and Riah had so many ups and downs. As soon as they get up, someone brings them right back down, only this time, Riah isn’t going to continue the heartache Fizz keeps giving her. Will the child they have together keep them close? Can the baby fix the lies and deceit that Fizz keeps handing out?
Mina and Killa are doing just fine, but all good things must come to an end, right? Someone is trying to bring the whole crew down and ruin their lives for good. Can Sir and Killa keep it together, or will everything go down in flames? Find out in the finale of Fizz & Riah 4: Caught by a Boss.