Royal Release

For The Love of a Boss 3

After finding out that D.C. was cheating with her assistant, Austin Tyler’s world comes crashing down. Long since, buried secrets have been exposed and Austin can’t deny them even if she wants to. Gina, finds out about the affair she had with Keenan, Gina’s on again off again boyfriend, which causes Austin to get out of dodge, rather than face her issues head on. Gina wants can’t get over the betrayal and wants her daughter to suffer. Although D.C. maintains his innocence in the cheating scandal that’s rocked the blogosphere, Austin wants nothing to do with him.

After much trying D.C. begins to date someone new. While Austin focuses on her children and her career and a new love interest. Although D.C. and Austin both are in new relationships, this doesn’t mean that he’s given up on her or their family.

Not everyone is rooting for her happiness. And Austin is trying to pick up the pieces, after messing things up, yet again. When true disaster strikes, Austin will be forced to make a decision of whether to keep pushing forward or give into the negativity. Can she rebuild her relationship with her mother as well as D.C., while not losing herself in the process?