Royal Release

For The Love of a Boss 4

Once again Austin managed to put herself into drama-filled situation, due to her own actions. Pregnant and alone she has no clue who the father is between D.C. and Damage. Yet, she still has hopes of reconciling with D.C. and making her family whole again. However, he wasn't happy with Toya and Austin's pregnancy wasn't going to change that.

Austin's is tired of hearing bad news but with the help of Dr. Bhandari, she's facing her problems head in instead of self-medicating. This includes fixing her relationship with her mother, Gina. However, Gina, is being stubborn and doesn't want anything to do with Austin.

The blogosphere still isn't a fan of Austin and with her life in turmoil, will she be able to push forward and have a happy ending like she's always hoped for?