For The Love Of A New Orleans Savage 2: Sade & Sage


Has Sage and Sade’s mom really been alive this entire time? Where does this leave the couples now that secrets have began to surface? Part two of this heart pounding, mind-blowing saga picks up right where it left off with Sage feeling more hurt and confused than ever. Not only does he demand answers, but he does the one thing that he is used to doing, and that is locking his feelings up and reverting back into the cold, heartless, uncaring person he’s always been. 

With his mother possibly back from the dead and the love of his life possibly being his sister and carrying his first child, Sage throws himself deeper into the streets, leaving bodies and new enemies in his wake hell bent on erasing Kelahni’s existence from his memory. But that proves to be easier said than done. 

Sade is beyond hurt after finding out that not only has Kosher been keeping secrets from him, but one secret she’s held in cuts him so deep that he’s sure it’s no coming back from it. Not even willing to hear an explanation from her, he cuts her off completely by changing all of his numbers and moving out of the house they once shared together. He even finds a new love interest. But will his unwillingness to listen cost him more than he bargained for, or was cutting Kosher off proving to be the best decision he could have made after he uncovers even more of her questionable past?

Strap back in for another explosive ride with Sade, Sage, Kelahni, and Kosher as they battle secrets, sex, lies, deceit, and mistrust. All will be revealed in due time, and the secrets that everybody thought they safely locked away will begin floating to the surface causing everybody to second guess everything they thought they knew. The installment is filled with enough action and back-to-back drama that will leave your head spinning and mouth open, begging for more. Question is… are you ready FOR THE LOVE OF A NEW ORLEANS SAVAGE 2?