For The Love Of A New Orleans Savage 4


Everything done in the dark has started bubbling over to the light faster than everyone can blink. Bodies begin to drop, ghosts of the past resurface, secrets finally come to the light, and everything really hits the fan. But like the old saying goes, it ain’t over ‘til the fat lady sings.

In this finale of For the Love of a New Orleans Savage: Sade and Sage, everyone learns a valuable lesson; be careful what you ask for because you just might get it. Some secrets should be left hidden, and unfortunately, Sade, Sage, and the people around them find that out the hard way when lies unfold to truths that should have never been told. What will happen when that powerful secret not only meets them head on but kills a few loved ones in its path that no one saw coming.

Strap back in for the final ride with Sade, Sage, Kelahni, and Kosher as they battle through sex, betrayal, lies, and deceit; and someone realizes the hard way that you can’t trust anybody these days, not even the person you’re sleeping with. Will Sade and Sage defeat their enemies at every turn? Or will both twins unfortunately fall short? I have just one question that I need answered. Are you guys truly ready to go on one last ride with everyone’s favorite twins in For the Love of a New Orleans Savage, Sade and Sage: The Finale?