Royal Release

Found a Real One 3

With Omare being away Nick is causing ciaos is Jada’s life. Every time she thinks things are going well Nick finds a way to ruin everything. Jada is emotionally drained, but she knows that she can’t let him break her. She has to be strong because giving up is not an option. Jada has never been the one to run and hide from her problems and she’s not about to start.
Omare is locked up and with every day that passes he is missing Jada, his mom and his normal life. While being incarcerated he has been doing a lot of thinking, since time is the only thing he has an abundance of, and he is focused on becoming a better man. He wants to provide for his family, but thoughts of killing Nick are running through his mind. Will Omare be able to control the urge of killing Nick upon his release or will he risk his freedom to seek revenge?
Jada, Omare, Nick, Mel and Tre are back in Found a Real One 3. Jada and Omare have been to hell and back trying to make their relationship work, and they aren’t done yet. This book will make you believe that true love does exist and encourage you to never give up on the one you love. When you stay down, there’s no way to go but up.