Royal Release

Found a Real One

Jada Anderson is a 23-year-old hustler. She has been blessed with a privileged life, but she works like someone is trying to take everything she has. She recently landed a job at one of the biggest financial firms in the country and she will not waste the opportunity. She knows that it’s hard for young black women to be taken seriously in corporate America so she tries hard to maintain a professional reputation that she can be proud of. Her life seems to be perfect, but her fiancé, Nick, isn’t. Nick is trying to figure out what he wants out of life, and even though they’ve been together since high school, Jada is starting to feel like she’s outgrown him. She’s starting to question if they should get married.
Omare Wilson is a 28-year-old bachelor who is mesmerized by Jada as soon as he met her. He sees that she has the drive and ambition to do more than what she’s doing, but he doesn’t want to push her. He has to respect the fact that she’s engaged, but he can’t help feeling an intense connection to her. Omare is a man, who gets what he wants, but Jada is making him prove himself in ways he never had to before. When she discovers Nick’s true colors, Jada is glad that Omare is around but she doesn’t know if she agrees with his lifestyle.
Will Jada choose her high school sweetheart who is the safe choice or will she take a chance on Omare and risk putting her career and future on the line?
Found a real one is an amazing love story that encourages you to think about life from multiple perspectives. Life is not always as it seems and everyone is not on your team