Royal Release

Giovania & Jakeem: Married To A New Orleans Savage


Hopeless romantic, Giovania Renaldez never imagined she would be in a marriage of convenience, but at the age of twenty, that’s exactly the predicament she found herself in when her father forced her to marry the handsome but arrogant, Jakeem “Ja” Carter in exchange for a lavish life for her sister and medical care for her mother. Giovania had no idea what to expect, but she never imagined she’d be thrust into a world of violence, drama, and deceit, but that’s exactly what happened when her peaceful world collided with the infamous Jakeem Carter. Will she adjust to her newfound life and husband and carry out her father’s demands? Or will a new love interest have her risking it all in the name of true love?

Twenty-two year old Jakeem “Ja” Carter never knew what it was like to have an absent father because his dad has always been in his life. The love he has for his father, and the unbreakable bond they shared made it impossible for Ja to go against anything his father asked of him. So when his father came to him with the proposition of marrying Giovania Renaldez in order to secure the drug deal of a lifetime, Ja had no choice but to reluctantly carry out his father’s wishes. Expecting the union to be in name only, Jakeem never intended on actually taking his arranged marriage seriously until Giovania blows into his world and turns it upside down. 

Not on the market for love, Ja fights his feelings for Giovania at every turn as he deals with new enemies in the streets. How will he feel when he realizes a new suitor has captured not only her attention, but possibly her heart? Will he fight for what’s rightfully his? Or will his stubbornness cause him to lose the only woman he’s ever cared about? Strap in tight and get ready for this emotional roller-coaster ride as Giovania and Ja battle through sex, lies, deceit, enemies on every corner, jealousy, and greed all to find a little thing called love. 

Will Giovania get to experience that once-in-a-lifetime love, or will she find out the hard way that it’s not easy as she thought being Married to a New Orleans Savage?