Royal Release

Giving All My Love To A Brooklyn Street King

Don’t ever play yourself loving a bad boy. A seducer. A charmer. A criminal. A thug.

Kaylen Walker has it all. The money, the clothes, and of course, the endless line of

girls straining their necks to grab his attention. The streets of New York have never

been kind to anyone who doesn’t hustle their way to the top, and Kaylen knows fully

well how hungry he’s been. He knows how hard he’s worked. So, a female getting in

the way of that was never on the agenda. Ever. Then there’s his twin, Khian Walker,

the more mature, older one of the two. An educated hustler who always tries his

hardest to stay true to himself, on the right side of the law. But Khian living a trouble-

free life with a merciless killer brother right by his side was always easier said than


But don’t let these handsome, pretty boy faces fool you. You cross the Walker twins

once, they damn sure ain’t never gonna let you do it again. And they’ve both had

their fair share of women, but never let one come between them.

Enemies are known to bring nothing but trouble. And trouble comes in all different

types of forms. The trouble coming around the corner might be one that neither

Kaylen or Khian thought to worry about. Kaylen’s hard work could be at stake here…

And it may be due to one thing only.

Kaylen falling in love.