Royal Release

Giving All My Love To A Brooklyn Street King 2

Don’t ever play yourself loving a bad boy. A seducer. A charmer. A criminal. A thug…

Kaylen Walker feared falling in love because he believed it could kill him. However, now something worse has happened instead. The girl he believed to be perfect has now turned out to be his biggest enemy. He’s afraid for himself more than anything because he’s not one to let his enemies double cross him. He usually gets rid of all his enemies before they can live to see the next day. But now that his enemy is revealed to be his one true love, can he really get rid of her so easily? Can he just cut her off and forget all about her?

Khian Walker never thought that the girl he was messing with could turn out to be spiteful and deranged. She’s obsessed with him and it’s gotten to the point that he knows he needs to cut all ties with her. But cutting all ties with her, is proving to be way harder than it sounds. And then there’s the drama in his brother’s love life that he’s now had to place himself in the middle of. Khian has always had his brother’s best interests at heart and just wants to make sure he’s good. He can’t afford to watch his brother deteriorate all in the name of love.

In the finale to Giving All My Love to A Brooklyn Street King, secrets will be revealed, lives will be destroyed, and most importantly, love will suffer. But will it also prevail?