Royal Release

Giving My Heart To The King of Atlanta 2

In the second installment of Giving my heart to the King of Atlanta, Chloe and the gang are back with more drama than before. Eric is the ex that does not want to let go. He’s trying his hardest to keep Chloe from being with Cole, but he can’t stop fate. 

Cole was serious when he told Chloe that he loved her and would always protect her. He is willing to do anything to make sure Chloe is safe, even if that means putting his life on the line. 

The secret about Ken is out and Layla is broken. The man she loved is actually a stranger. How is she supposed to be with a man who lied to her for years? Will her attitude stop her from being happy or can she put it to the side and be with the man God placed in her life? 

Claire is young but she isn’t naïve. The handsome security guard, Jay, catches her attention but she isn’t quite sure if she’s ready to be with a man on his level. Will she be able capture his heart or will their story end in heartbreak before it even gets started? 

In the finale of Giving My Heart to the King of Atlanta everyone is fighting to get their happy ending. Chloe, Layla and Claire have found their happiness, but only time will tell if their dreams will turn into reality.