Royal Release

Good Girl With A Dope Boy Fetish

O'Hajee and Myeke Compton are two brothers with different views. Myeke is the oldest, and all he wants to do is stack enough money to get him and his baby brother out the hood. But with a drug addicted mother and an out of control brother, it proves to be harder than he thought. When his reality starts to get darker by the day, can he get them out in time, or will his dream of the good life burst into flames before his eyes?
O'Hajee sees nothing but a dollar, and even though Myeke does everything he can to keep him out the streets, the fast money appeals to him, and he'll do whatever to get it, even if that means selling drugs to his own mother. But when he starts to feed the habit of one of his neighbors, he starts to realize he bit off more than he can chew. Will he be able to slow down and get his life on track before it's too late, or will he end up being another victim to the streets?
All Zoie Neal wants to do is finish school so she can get out the projects and never look back. With a perverted step dad and an alcoholic mom, she does everything she can to achieve that dream, but one thing seems to be standing in her way: O'Hajee. What starts out as them being worst enemies soon blossoms into something much more, but his lifestyle is the complete opposite of what she wants out of life. Can she convince him to let go of all his dope boy ambitions, or will she walk away from the only person closest to her?
Take a walk through the lives of these three as they try to find their way in life without losing sight of the bigger picture. Can they beat their odds, or will they get trapped in the one place they don't want to be?