Royal Release

Gotta Pay The Cost To Ride With The Boss 2

Everyone wants to be the boss until it is time to lace up the boss’s shoes and walk in his footsteps. Unlike most who shy away from a challenge, Cree dives in face first. Cree is sassy and fierce, and she is running the town in her stiletto heels. She takes Bishop’s job seriously in his absence, but quickly realizes that Bishop was doing too much with not enough money.
Frustrated that she is not getting the respect she deserves because she is a woman, Cree takes things in her own hands. She ruffles the feathers of a lot of heavy hitters in the game as she secures her place at the top. Everything comes with a price, and some prices Cree refused to pay.
Cree sets out to separate herself from the legacy that Bishop left, and becomes a legend in her own right. Surrounded by enemies and backstabbers, Cree dismisses the old crew and starts her own crew. There is no loyalty in the streets and Cree is not looking for loyalty. She wants to be the boss. She’s ready to pay whatever it costs to be the boss, but will she have anyone left to ride with her? Find out as you turn the pages of Gotta Pay the Cost to Ride with a Boss: The Finale.