Royal Release

Gotta Pay The Cost Ride With A Boss

Hurricane Katrina changed young Cresette ‘Cree’ Leblanc’s life forever. She was raised by Mrs. Wilma, the baby sitter that her mother left her with thirteen years prior to the storm. Cree was Mrs. Wilma’s pride and joy, she couldn't have kids and thought of her as a gift from God.
When the storm hit, everyone was asked to evacuate. Cree was loaded on a bus without Mrs. Wilma but expected to catch up with her once they arrived to the new destination. To her devastation, Mrs. Wilma was not there. After being separated from the only family she ever knew and in a strange location she hooked up with Jerome Bishop.

Bishop was the ultimate King of the Streets. Everyone, from the men and women in the hood up to the President of the United States, knew and respected him. He was a business owner by day and a notorious drug dealer by night. He used his business as a front for his illegal operations.
Cree falls for Bishop instantly. He played the role as a mentor for some time but once she was done following her dreams, he vowed to make Cree all his. She was just the ambitious go-getter that he wanted for his team.

The economy had the streets shook. Money wasn’t the same, not to mention his rivals, twin brothers Marco and Keco, were hot on his ass to try and take him down to take over what he had built. Bishop solicits Cree to help him get back on the money train but his request could cost her everything from her job down to her freedom. Cree is all in, she feels like she owns Bishop her life and she has a hustle mentality that has developed over the years. But above all, she knows she has to pay the cost to ride with the Boss.