Royal Release

Gucci & Rico 2: A Philly Love Story

With the tragedy of Rico’s demise at the conclusion of part one still fresh in everyone’s mind, Gucci is busy trying to keep everything and everyone together. Though she needs to grieve, there is no time for herself or her feelings when a whole empire is now leaning on her. In order to keep a snake from ruining everything, Gucci will do whatever it takes to keep the family business in the family. Even if that means her turning into “The man,” himself.

Leah has been by Gucci’s side after everything, and has truly become the only person Gucci can depend on. But when is it going to be time for Leah to make Leah happy? With no time for anything, her new found relationship might be over before it’s starts.

Gucci’s not the weak woman that everyone assumes her to be and it’s easy for her to hold her own, but when old foes and old flames re-emerge from the ashes, will she be able to rightfully claim her spot on the throne? Will she ultimately choose love over the streets?