Royal Release

Gucci & Rico 3: A Philly Love Story

Rico is back and as appreciative as he is for all the sacrifices Gucci made, he’s ready to take his spot back as the leader. Rico wants Gucci to go back to school and be a stay at home mom. He has had enough time to think about everything, and he’s not willing to share his position as head honcho. A thought of going into early retirement is quickly set back because he realizes he’s not ready to hang up his crown. Gucci has a major setback and it causes her to have thoughts of ending it all, I guess it’s safe to say that all power isn’t good power.

Beast and Gucci’s relationship is still rocky, as they haven’t talked or seen each other since Rico came back. He may not be getting the one that he wants, but he’s not giving up on love just yet. It seems like everything starts falling into place for him, but that’s quickly discarded when he realized it’s not what he needs at the moment.

Leah and Hugh are going stronger than ever and they both are ready to take their relationship to the next level. She believes that he could possibly be the one for her until he falls back and she has no idea why. A love gone wrong? Will her relationship last and she gets her happy ending or no?

Some of these characters realize that love isn’t worth everything they’ve endured. Streets or no streets, everybody is not loyal and that’s the lesson one of the characters learn.