Royal Release

Hakeem & Serenity 3: Convenient Love Of A Boss

Love doesn’t live here anymore. It sure doesn’t. Serenity finally got her memory back, and the only thing that has changed is her address. She’s still living with the one man she has always loved. When everything starts to fall apart, Hakeem shows that the convenient love they have always shared is nothing but the true feelings he had for her. Things couldn’t get any better, until secrets start to fall out the sky and land right at Serenity’s feet. Love will be tested, lives will be taken, but the one thing that always brought them together will always remain the same. Is it love, or is it hate? Secrets aren’t the only thing between Serenity and Keem. What else can it be?

It didn’t take Keem long to figure out the snakes roaming around in his grass. He knew they were there, he just had to cut it short enough to see them. Once you cross Killa Keem, ain’t no coming back from it. Taking the life of his once upon a time best friend and brother took a toll on Keem. It’s hard for him to trust so easily, and when things in his love life start to crumble, he starts to see that disloyalty runs deep within his circle. While he still has his mind on his empire, he’s able to see yet another threat coming his way. Only this time, it won’t be a possible convenient death. It’s a secret untold. A secret that not even love can beat. When the truth is spoken, all he can wish for is for God to watch over his daughter because death is the only way out.

Shayla can’t seem to get love right, but just when someone catches her eye, someone else comes and takes what belongs to them back. Shayla also has a secret that only she and one other person knows about. The thing is it could possibly ruin a relationship with a close friend that trusted her with everything in them.

Take on the last and final ride with Hakeem & Serenity: Convenient Love of a Boss. The ride will me bumpy, and many may fall off, but one thing will remain, but what could it be? Find out in the finale.