Royal Release

Hardheaded in Love


Ever stay in a situation longer than you should have? Have you ever made excuses for your man knowing he’s wrong but you didn’t want to look stupid?

Clover finds herself in a life and death situation with a man who she should have broken things off with and, when push comes to shove, she finds herself in a situation that she can’t share with anyone except her cousin, Sage. After Clover and Sage end up on the other side of karma, they are both left dealing with a situation that makes them regret taking matters into their own hands in order to save Clover from an abusive relationship.

In the midst of Clover's drama, a man named Harper enters the picture with demons of his own. Harper was thrown into being a “single dad” when his sister Hailee makes a deadly decision by being stupid in love. With his sister gone, he’s left trying to raise two small kids. Just when Harper starts to adjust to his new life and he can’t see himself without them, his guardianship is threatened when their grandparents reappear with one goal on their mind…getting custody.

Unknown to Clover & Sage, someone is watching them and has nearly discovered the secret that they've been trying their hardest to keep hidden. When they find out that this person is closer to them than they'd expected, it sends everyone involved into a whirlwind of drama.

When you’re hardheaded in love, you not only ruin your life but you can affect the people around you who are left to pick up the pieces and Clover is finding that out more so than anyone.