Royal Release

He Made Me Love Him: Mykayliah’s Mayhem


Confused and misled, a young Mycaylah has suffered a world of abuse at the hands of a man who was supposed to love and care for her. After being subject it for so long, she is eventually convinced that what was once a violation against her youth and innocence, has magically blossomed into love. While realizing what has been going on is wrong, she cannot help herself as she falls deeper and deeper in love with her once abuser. In turn, what was once a need to feed some perverse hunger within, her abuser, Levi, finds himself falling in love with Mycaylah.

As Mycaylah transforms into womanhood, she becomes an addiction to Levi. After Mycaylah turns up pregnant, Levi confesses he is in love with her and doesn’t want her to terminate the pregnancy. But Mycaylah opts for leaving home as opposed to having to explain to her mother the circumstances surrounding her pregnancy.

Six years have passed and although she hasn’t been back home, Mycaylah is ready to face truths and reveal skeletons. In the end a family is left torn, as she has to reveal the acts of Levi, confess the role she played over time and introduce her daughter into a world that she’d tried her hardest to forget.