Royal Release

Heart of a Boss 3: A Memphis Love Story

When do you give up, when is enough enough? That is the issue that Shay and her family is battling with. No matter how hard they try and stay away from drama. It just seems like it follows them. After almost losing her whole family Shayla is determined to find out who was behind all of this. They have an idea who it is but they have no proof. All of the piece to the puzzle start coming together after Allynna is kidnapped. After fling all the way to Italy will Jeano bring Allynna back home to Memphis safe or will Angelo’s men getter best of him.

The family slowing start rebuild their live but once again drams gets in the way and pulls every one in different directions. How will the moves that they make effect the the enemies lurking ion the dark? Will gaining new family member help that family or hurt the family? What will this chapter of Shay’s life bring? Heartache and brake ups or love and marriage?