Royal Release

Her Heart & His Crown 2: A Royal Love Affair

Pilar was devastated to learn that the first guy she fell in love with has a fiancée and a baby on the way. Will she stay by his side or will she pack up everything, including her heart, and leave him alone?

The last thing Duke wanted was for Pilar to find out about his secret life before he could tell her. Will his begging and pleading be enough for Pilar to stay? Will he give up everything, including his family, to chase her back to the states? Duke’s father was very vocal about his hate for Pilar and about the consequences of Pilar being in his country. He makes good on his promise, but in a very strange way. Will Pilar inform Duke of this proposition, or most importantly, will he believe her?

Charlie, Pilar’s homeless friend, has been harboring some very dark secret. Are these secrets deep and dark enough for their friendship to end? Or, will these secrets bring them closer together than they ever imagined?