Royal Release

Her Heart & His Crown 3: A Royal Love Affair

What’s done in the dark will come to light.
After Pilar is arrested, secrets are forced to come out, making a few of Duke’s family look funny in the light. While in jail, Pilar meets the handsome, Ryder Sandford, who does not care that she is pregnant, and wants to get to know her regardless. Will Pilar forget about Duke and try to make things work with Ryder, or will the feelings in her heart guide her back to the one who broke it into pieces? While Pilar is dating Ryder, Demarkus is upset that she didn’t choose him and will do anything to get Pilar. Two people wanting to date the same girl. What is the worst that can happen?
Secrets have been revealed. Secrets that have torn Duke away from members of his family forever. After the truth comes to the light, Duke tries his hardest to apologize to Pilar, but she is not so forgiving. Since Pilar is not so forgiving, Duke goes out and starts dating the beautiful Mandee Rae. Will Mandee Rae help Duke forget about Pilar?
Two people in love with each other but with different people AND they go to co-parent, how will that work? Will their separate love lives wither because of them having to co-parent? Will their hearts lead them back together? Most importantly, will Duke finally get his crown?