Royal Release

Your Heart Is Mine 3

There has been so much tragedy and death circulating around the Wilson Family, but there are a few more people that need to be handled. Geechie is still running around on the loose, and Big Lee’s patience is starting to wear thin with the situation. She has managed to get her hands on all the men who were involved with Cam’s death, but the last piece to the puzzle has to be laid.
Byrd has taken a major step forward, and now he is in position to become an even bigger player. He has plans on marrying Lay as soon as they both graduate, but his decision on whom to ask for Lay’s hand will come with some opposition. Things are intense between him and his bae, but he is determined to put her in her place, because she isn’t going to be like her mother, and he isn’t going to live without her.
Ew Baby’s life has been full of ups and downs, and she just might finally fall over the edge. She finds out what she is capable of doing, and if pushed too hard, she is ready to leap. Ax is battling his personal demons, and Ew Baby is on an emotional rollercoaster that looks like a means to an end. There is so much uncertainty that surrounds the Wilson family, and only God knows how it’s going to end.