Royal Release

Heart of a Boss 2: A Memphis Love Story

Shay’s life was flipped upside down when Kam, Shan, and the crew were in a car crash. Between being pregnant, going to school, and opening a club Shayla’s plate is full. Can she handle the pressures of it all or will it all be too much?

On the outside, Nyla’s life seems perfect. She has the perfect man, great kids, and a family full of people that love her unconditionally. The only person missing is her mother. After long search, Nyla finally finds her. Will her life finally be complete or will finding her mother cause some unexpected drama.

Reagan’s excitement about being a mother was at an all-time high until her past come back to hunt her, causing an uproar in her life. Will her past mistakes hinder her happiness or can she overcome this obstacle and bring a healthy baby into the world?

After years of waiting, Kaye and Kam’s mother finally finds love. Will the love that this family have overpower all the hardships? Or will it break them? Can everyone be trusted or will someone turn their back?