Royal Release

Heart of a Boss: A Memphis Love Story


Shayla Bridges lived the normal life of a high school student, until she laid her eyes on Jaxon. She falls head over hills for him. In her mind she had the perfect love story. That is until she dropped out of college to follow him to Miami. Soon as they touched down in Miami her sunshine and blue sky’s turned into rain and thunderstorms. After 4 years of being locked away from the world and being mistreated she finally got the opportunity to get away from him. After moving back to Memphis she finds out that her long time best friend Jazmine held back a secret that could have saved her a lot of agony and heartbreak that she went through with Jaxon.

Shortly after returning back home to Memphis her best friend Reagan introduces her to one of the most notorious drug distributors in the south Kamery Moreno. Kamery comes into her life and shows her what its really like to be loved. He was the total opposite of Jaxon, from his demeanor to the way that he dressed. Never in a million years would she have though that she would be in love with a man of his stature.

After finding out that she is pregnant she decides that is time for her to be independent and achieve some of her personal goals she has set. Just when fells like she has everything under control she finds out that Kamery and his brother inherited their father’s drug empire.

In addition to being a soon to be mom, opening a club, and being a King Pins wife she tries her best to stay focused. After not only being kidnapped …but also being betrayed by her best friend that just doesn’t seem to be happening. Can Shayla with stand the heartache, betray and pain that come with the biggest drug supplier on the United States? Or will she run when things get messy?