Royal Release

Heaven Between Her Thighs: Stealing His Heart

Cheynese Broadus was the type of woman that any man would be glad to call his wife but she wasn’t the type of woman who just settled for any old man. If he pursued her he had to be serious because she didn’t just give her “heaven” out to anyone. For so long she stayed away from bad boys until one bad boy in particular from her past came back into her life. Knowing what he was about, she didn’t even entertain the idea but it seemed as if God had a sense of humor. Would he be able to knock her off the path she had set up for herself or could she continue to stand strong?

Smash and pass. That was the motto that Qyree Reeves lived by. To him that was law and, since he called himself a law abiding citizen, he would uphold it at all costs. It had never been an issue for him to get a woman, his only problem was getting rid of them when he was done. Once he had obtained their most prized possession, their body, it was on to the next.

Qyree had always been a ladies' man. How could he not be when his father was the one and only Jaxon Reeves, CEO of one of the largest music companies in the country? That was until he reconnected with someone from his past. Had he finally met the one who would make him turn his life around or will she just fall in line like the rest of them?

Vonetta Sims made many mistakes in her life and one huge one landed her in jail for almost ten years after she set up the rape of her best friend. Once she is let free, Von ends up with Cheynese as her parole officer. But just as she thinks Cheynese is there to help her God shows her it’s the other way around. Feeling like she has been given another chance at friendship, this time she will protect it at all costs. Come hell, high water, or someone her and Cheynese both have in common…Qyree.

Betrayal, lies, deception, and affairs never end up good and everyone involved ends up hurt in one way or another. Qyree was always taught that his treasure lies in the heaven between a woman’s thighs but will he be able to hear the voice of God before he enters a hell that he can’t come back from?