Royal Release

Held Captive By His Ruthless Love: Tru & Halo

Tru Richardson is the reigning king of Memphis. He has the money, power, and the respect with a reputation of being ruthless and callous. Being raised off of pure survival and not love, Tru doesn’t let anyone outside of his brothers get next to him. After unfortunate circumstances bring the young, gentle and beautiful Halo into his life, Tru is suddenly smitten but doesn’t know how to handle it. Will Tru’s harsh ways push Halo away?

Polo is the middle child of Memphis’s infamous Rich Brothers. Being the calmer one of the trio, Polo loves to live a private life. That means keeping everything on the low, including his dealings with the sassy and headstrong Britain. Once Britain starts requiring more from Polo, will he get his act together? Or will his pride and refusal to commit cause him to lose what could possibly be the best thing to ever happen to him?