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Her Love Saves Him, The Streets Made Him: Hailee & Dionne

When you’re running from your enemies the only thing keeping you sane is… Love.

At twenty-two years old Hailee’s life is going great. She is at the top of her class at USF and would be graduating in the fall on her way to the career of her dreams. The untimely death of her mother turns her world upside down. With no more drive to stay in school and her biggest supporter gone, Hailee has given up. Working as a bottle girl in South Beach’s hottest night club puts her on the radar of Jamaica’s biggest scammer, Dionne, as well as Miami’s dirtiest cop. When a regular night for Hailee turns sour the only person she can turn to is Dionne.

Dionne Preston grew up in one of the toughest areas of Montego Bay, Jamaica. He vowed at sixteen that he would never spend another night hungry and he would find a way to change his life as well as the only two people he had left, his twin best friends Dex and Lex. Becoming the biggest hustler in Jamaica, Dionne makes more money than he can spend in a lifetime and has changed his life drastically. A night out in one of Miami’s hottest night clubs brought him the love of his life that he never thought he would ever have. When business goes south and the people closest to him betray him, the only person he can trust is Hailee.

Hungry for power, the ones closest to Dionne turn on him. With Hailee being the only person he trusts, there’s a huge target on her back. On the run from their enemies, both Hailee and Dionne can only depend on and trust each other. Their love was the only way to survive on the run.

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