Royal Release

Her Season of Love 2

by Renee

Malek can’t come to grips with the fact that Cara hasn’t returned his calls or messages. He goes as far as showing up at her place of business to confront her only to discover that she has a ring on the ring finger of her left hand. It’s painfully evident to Malek that she has moved on. In his fantasy world, he thought he would get his divorce papers to show to Cara, they will finally have their happily ever after. When Cara continues to receive hang ups and silent calls she considers telling A.J. about it because now she suspects Malek.

Enter Sabrina, she fell in love with A.J. because he treated her so well when they were together. It hurts her to the core to find out he went through with the wedding. When Sabrina meets Phillip, who is one of A.J.’s good friends she falls just as hard for him. A.J. thinks Sabrina has an ulterior motive and he doesn’t want to see his friend hurt. How can he confront Sabrina about her relationship with Phillip when he hasn’t been completely truthful with Cara about his past relationship with Sabrina?

Both Cara and Sabrina believe it is their due season for love but will face adversaries they never expected in Her Season Of Love 2.