Royal Release

Her Season Of Love 3

by Renee

A.J. and Cara are elated about welcoming their first child together. While Sabrina has accepted the marriage proposal from Phillip without mentioning her past involvement with A.J. they both pray the past never comes up.

The pregnancy has Cara, extra sensitive but she is positive that someone is taking shots at her life with A.J. She continues to receive silent calls and she thinks the culprit is Malek. When A.J. confronts Malek about harassing his wife, Malek accuses A.J. of not being able to protect her. Malek starts grasping at straws to show Cara that A.J. isn’t the better man for her. Sabrina confides in Malek about her past without knowing she is giving him ammunition to keep gunning for A.J. and Cara’s marriage.

Sandra Jones is still in denial about her role in the demise of her marriage to Malek, she becomes undone when she discovers that Malek blames her for it all. All these individuals want is to live happily ever after. Happily, ever after isn’t quite possible when so many are against you. Can A.J. and Cara’s marriage survive all the shots or will their unseen enemy win by breaking them apart for good?