Royal Release

He's A Different Kind Of Hood

It’s said that the first five years with someone is the hardest because you’re learning that person and it’s a different experience, but do the rules still apply when the whole relationship is based on a lie?

Adrianna is the epitome of beauty and the love of Rock’s life. With a feisty attitude, a big personality, and even bigger hair to match, she’s every man’s dream, but only one man has her…, or so he thinks. Adrianna isn’t the person that everyone thinks she is, and the skeletons she is hiding in her closet would put a graveyard to shame. So what happens when a blast from her past knocks her perfect life off its axis and sends her world into chaos? Can she keep up her seemingly perfect reality, or will her life become an unending nightmare?

After all the drama that Rock has endured throughout his life, he felt that his hardships and search for love were over, but when the woman that he plans to spend the rest of his life with turns out to be a complete stranger, can he continue to ride the wave with her in hopes that things will go back to the way they once were, or will all the secrets that Adrianna is harboring be too much?

Take a ride with this pair as they try to get a grip on reality while battling deceit, new love interests, and enemies they never knew they had. Will they be able to put back together the pieces of their failing relationship, or will the drama and pain all be too much to handle?