Royal Release

He's Got The Sauce 2: Lovin' A Beast

College girls want a thug! Torn between a kiss and the chemistry between two brothers, Symone finds herself losing focus of what matters most. She has to eventually pay for her education and move from her dorm. Never in a million years did she expect for her best friend, Michelle, to give her money. After things finally start to come together, Symone decides which brother she wants, but the secrets hiding between them may end the relationship before it even starts. Will love eventually come, or will she walk into more problems than she bargains for.
Quez thinks he’s finally found a woman that calms him, but when she tells him that she has kissed his brother more than once, will he forgive her, or will that be his karma for taking her from his brother in the first place?
Michelle becoming wealthy overnight only makes her humble. She only wants to help the people who mean the most to her. Taking care of her son and little sister gives her much joy. Michelle feel like she’s doing everything she needs to do. She finally feels she can focus on love, but someone wants the focus on them and only them.
The hidden agendas, lies, and secret, eventually come to the light. Will everyone be strong enough to handle what is coming their way?