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He's Nothing Like Them Other Ones 3: A Love Lost

After spending the last six years sober and raising her son Kianni, Kandice life has taken an unexpected turn for the worst. Falling in love with John has been one battle after another. After being attacked and drugged by John’s crazy ex Kori, Kandice world is shaken. Once feeling the rush from the drugs that was pumped into her veins by Kori, Kandice fights hard not to feed the need but that battle is soon lost. Her “What’s a little bit gon hurt?” mindset gets out of control. Now with her parental rights and her relationship on the line, Kandice world is turned upside down.

After finding out about Kandice’s secret abortion, John wants nothing to do with her. To make matters worse, she fails a court ordered drug test and custody of Kianni is awarded to his no good father June. While attempting to flee town with her son, an unexpected enemy runs her off the road placing her and her son’s life in jeopardy.

Waking up to a hole in her windshield and her son missing from the back seat, Kandice is thrown into a world of panic. Will she and Kianni come out those woods alive? Just barely.