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He's A Savage But He Love Me Like No Other 3

When a Savage loves you and only you, you’ll find him to be the sweetest addiction… an addiction that you can’t live without.
Just when things are finally looking up for Philly’s most popular married couple, tragedy strikes. Rashard is left backed up in a corner, completely devastated without his wife, Mulan, by his side. The only thing he can think about is vengeance. Someone has to pay for messing around with his family and thinking they could do so with no repercussions. Even if that means that the someone who needs to pay is the one woman who brought him into the world, then so be it. Rashard will stop at nothing to ensure that his own mother who betrayed him will be dealt with accordingly.
Malakai Mitchell didn’t think he could ever fall in love or feel so bound to another woman. Until he met Draya Woods and his whole entire life transformed. Life seemed great for the pair. Their relationship was back on track and they were making plans for the future. However, their future is suddenly distorted when Draya unintentionally commits a felony, potentially sending her behind bars for the rest of her life.
Kendrell Mitchell and Makiyah Brooks have had a dysfunctional relationship from the jump. The constant tension between them was unmissable. Even after resolving the tension, the pair were ready to blossom their relationship and finally start their lives together. That was until a bomb was dropped that Kendrell was going to be a father for the first time in his life. Heartbroken and distraught, Makiyah does the one thing she knows best – she runs. But can she really keep running from the one man she knows truly has her heart?
In the final instalment to The Mitchell Brothers’ saga, lies will be exposed, loyalty will be tested and love will be challenged.
Will the savages’ love survive the heated battle?