Royal Release

He's A Savage But He Loves Me Like No Other

When a Savage knows exactly what he wants, he’ll stop at nothing to get it…

After separating from her husband, Mulan Mitchell tries to live an independent, stress-free life. But with his dominating presence on the streets of Philadelphia, that only proves to be harder for Mulan. Determined to be a free spirit, Mulan attends a party with her cousin, Draya, and best friend, Makiyah. But what starts off as an exciting event, quickly turns into a drama-filled night when a run-in occurs with the one man Mulan is trying to stay far away from.

The one man that is known for his dangerous nature and being the wrong one to mess with. The one man that alongside his brothers, are all known to have a reputation of wreaking havoc on the streets of Philly. The Mitchell Brothers. An extremely attractive yet notorious trio.

Rashard Mitchell is the complicated and the most stubborn one. Lost without his wife by his side, his stubborn trait only worsens. He was never going to allow Mulan to think that their separation was a permanent thing. Letting her go was never an option. Then there’s Malakai ‘Killa’ Mitchell, the youngest yet the most outrageous, who wants only his way or no way. He’s spoiled, rude, and very defensive. But could Killa have finally met the girl who could make him change his ways forever? Sounds impossible. Finally, there’s Kendrell Mitchell, the blunt and most assertive one. He says things as they are, and he doesn’t give a damn about anyone else’s feelings. He makes someone upset? They better be ready to apologize to him for being a childish fool.

But when these three men, who are known to run the streets in which they roam, are caught up by three women they find they can’t live without, what will become of their empire? It’s not easy wearing the crown, but it’s definitely not easy juggling love and keeping your head up in the streets. Especially when there’s trouble constantly lurking in the shadows.

Three women sought out by three savages who have a very hard time hearing no… What could possibly go wrong?